• Follow the basics!!!!!


  • No Exceptions (See Penalty System)
  • Flaming – Angry reaction to the actions of another driver including sarcastic “Thank You” messages.
  • If you have a problem with what someone did, contact an admin after the conclusion of the race and they will discuss the event with you at that time


  • Penalty can range from loss of ALL Championship Points to Expulsion from League at an SPR Admin discretion.
  • If it is decided that an incident is “Intentional Wrecking”, the minimal penalty will be probation, loss of all points for that race and a 1 week suspension from all SPR events


  • We realize this is just a game, but for some, this is as close as it gets to real life.
  • Please be courteous on/off track to all competitors. Some may be long-time regulars, but some are just starting. Don’t ruin it for the new people.


  • HAVE FUN!!!


SPR Reserves the right to penalize drivers for any incident not mentioned here that is deemed detrimental to the enjoyment of the racing experience to others.



  • Race rules include, but are not limited to:


  • No cursing, arguing, or accusing on-line.
  • No intentional wrecking or paybacks.
  • No reckless driving.


  • You must remain within 0.5 car lengths (.05-.1 seconds) of the car in front of you.
  • The pole sitter/leader will determine pace lap speed, but will be no faster than 35 and 40 mph.
  • No hanging back in the field during starts or restarts.
  • ***No jumping before green flag.*** If you jump, you will be penalized he positions you gain as a warning and if repeated you will go to the tail of the field. If it still continues then you will be suspended.
  • On the original start when the race says GREEN GREEN GREEN, the race is ON. You do not have to wait till the flag-stand to pass someone.
  • Restarts however, the leader can fire at his leisure and there is to be NO PASSING BEFORE THE START FINISH LINE!!!
  • This does not mean you can lay back on the starts/restarts in the field, nor can you jump the green flag by 3+ seconds, you must keep it nose to tail in line until the green comes out or the leader starts the race.
  • If caught laying back and you passed cars because of it, the caution will be thrown and you will be put to the tail of the longest line.
  • On single file restarts, you must remain in single file behind the leader wherever he chooses to restart the race (top, bottom, or middle as long as its on the racing surface) and the rest of the field must follow him.


  • While SPR encourages drivers to drive hard, there is a fine line between driving hard and driving stupid.
  • Diving into Turn 1 on Starts and Restarts thus causing wrecks will NOT BE TOLERATED and will be dealt with according to the SPR Penalty system.
  • There are no “No Passing” rules, but this does not mean you can throw caution to the wind on starts and restarts.


  • The driver initiating the pass is responsible for executing it safely.


  • When a yellow flag comes out, fall into single file and catch the pace car.
  • DO NOT SLAM ON YOUR BREAKS OR STOP after catching the pace car or when the yellow is shown, rather brake safely and form up behind the pace car.
  • Don’t worry if you pass the pace car briefly while slowing, as long as you’re in proper position by the time you get back to the start/finish line the system will not penalize (black-flag) you.
  • When the yellow comes out all drivers should be single file on the high side of the track.
  • If you are the cause of the caution or stop to avoid the wreck, YOU MUST GO TO THE TAIL.
  • Any driver who has two self spins in one race without contact from another car will be asked to park for the remainder of the race.
  • Any driver attempting to deliberately gain positions after the yellow is out will be moved to the rear of the field.


  • Any driver who hits a driver during a yellow flag lap after the field is at pace speed will be issued a longest line penalty and a 5 point deduction towards that car at the end of the race.
  • A second offense by the same driver will result in a 1 race suspension for that driver the immediate next week.


  • If your connection is bad, i.e. you are warping a lot, you must slow down and pull to the bottom of the track.
  • If your connection does not get any better, pull into the pits.
  • If your connection corrects itself then you may continue the race, if not – please stay off the track.
  • If you continue to race you are going to cause an accident – others cannot see you and you cannot see them.
  • RULE OF THUMB: If one car is blinking out – he is warping… If everyone is blinking out – YOU ARE WARPING.
  • If you see every car blink in and out, type “W” or “Warp”.  If others type it also you will know it’s the server, if not then it is your connection.


  • After the completion of the race do not wreck the winner or other cars it looks unprofessional as many of these races are broadcast.
  • Many drivers like to do burnouts after winning a race and others prefer to just drive around and pit.
  • I recommend you just drive back to your pit and park your car.
  • All drivers are encouraged to save a replay of the race in case of inaccurate scoring or a possible protest against you.


  • Cars about to go a lap down can race the leader. However, they should show the courtesy of allowing the leaders to pass safely.


  • IS REQUIRED. While on Teamspeak, please keep unnecessary chatter to a minimum during Race conditions.


Penalties may be pending based on actions seen by officials in race and/or protests filed by other drivers after the race has been concluded. Penalties issued after actions are reviewed include, but are not limited to:

  • Driver given warning and put on probation (First offense for Flaming )
  • 1 week suspension (2nd offense)
  • 2 week suspension (3rd offense)
  • Disqualification and forfeiture of all points and winnings for all SPR Series for the calendar yeah (Third offense for Flaming)


  • Driver in question will be notified before penalty(s) will be handed out in order for the offending driver to explain his side of the incident/infraction in question. Everyone will be treated as fairly as possible.
  • Penalties will be handed out as a last resort in the best interest of the league.
  • The severity of the penalty will be based on the severity of the incident/infraction, the offending driver’s conduct history and is at the discretion of the League Director.
  • Decisions on penalties will be final and there will be no appeals.


Accidents are a part of racing and will happen to all drivers regardless of their skill level. There may come a time, however, when a driver feels that he was intentionally wrecked or the victim of another member driving “over his head” and causing problems. In order to ensure that one belligerent driver doesn’t ruin the fun of others, we have a protest system in place. When a driver feels he has been wronged, it is surely a time of high emotion and distress. However, please practice the following guidelines:

  • Do not complain about another driver while the race is still in progress. Other drivers are still racing and are entitled to do so without the interruption of bickering.
  • Wait until the race is over and then check the replay. If you still feel the other driver is at fault, then send him an email or IM and politely ask him for his side of what happened. Most drivers will admit when they make a mistake.
  • Don’t get into an argument with the other driver. Arguments solve nothing and only create further animosity between competitors.
  • Remember that anyone can make a mistake, however, if you feel you must file a protest, you MUST do so following league protest procedures.
  • Protests that are not filed within 5 hours of the beginning of the event will not be considered for review.
  • Please use common sense when deciding if it’s necessary to file a protest. The best race car drivers in the world make mistakes and online drivers are no exception.
  • Keep in mind that filing multiple needless protests can result in penalties to the driver filing the protests. Also keep in mind that if you file a protest and after review of the replay it appears that you are at fault, you will be subject to a penalty.
  • In addition, SPR asks that every driver keep a replay of the race in its entirety. Many times, racing incidents are the result of warp. If the director only has the replay of the driver who is protesting you, and it appears on the replay that you are at fault, you could suffer a penalty for an incident that was caused by warp. The only way to ensure that you aren’t the victim of this scenario is to have a replay for the Rules Committee and the Director to review. While we can’t enforce a rule that all drivers keep a replay, we strongly advise you to have a replay in order to defend yourself. You can delete it after 72 hours of the completion of the race. If you haven’t been asked for it by then, you likely won’t be asked for it at all.
  • Protest decisions, and any resulting penalties, will be made by the League Commissioner, and two non-involved league members.
  • An attempt will be made to render all decisions within 24 hours of the start time of the race.



  • Once we roll the server to race, their is no restarts for warping cars, wrecks, or lost connections. If there is a sloppy start the admin has the right to call it back with a race restart. Once we roll it to race we for no reason will we revert back to warmup.


  • If for some reason a race is interrupted by a server failure, the race will be restarted immediately (if time allows) or on another date.


  • The Official SPR Series servers will remain online 24/7 so you may practice with other drivers. SPR relies on clean and fun racing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come practice with your fellow members during the week. All virtual time settings on the server will be the same between sessions. If the server is set to start the race at 12:00pm then you can count on all other sessions starting at that same time.
  • During green flag racing, only send important/official messages such as pass LOW/HIGH.
  • No Game altering or cheating will be allowed! This will result in a ban from the any racing events or league series for life.
  • As a driver you will be required to have control of your car on the track at all times, you are responsible for your connection and equipment.
  • DO NOT Argue with another member or admin in the forums,or Game Chat There will be a Teamspeak Channel for one on one chat after each Race.
  • If you continue to be a nuance you will be banned from Racing Server/Teamspeak.
  • If you have a complaint about a race incident or a particular person you need to email Racing Event Staff/ or admins and provide a replay of the incident in question.


  • Spectating is on the server. No drivers should be in the server in an actual car unless they are racing. Drivers and admins get first rights to spectate spots in the server. The rest is on a first come first serve basis. Respect All other People who are here to gather or share information.
  • Any negative post towards Members, Admins, and/or Affiliates and Any Event sponsors will be a banned.

Our goal is to have fun, drive safe and show respect to your fellow drivers.